Why You Should Use Van Shipping Services

Feb 24, 2022 | Courier Services

Moving your products from point A to point B can be easier said than done. 

Are your deliveries on time? Are they secure? Is everything tracked and recorded accurately? Are your drivers trained and always professional? Do you have the right insurance for each shipment? Who manages all your booking and invoicing? Do you know exactly where every delivery is at any given moment? 

And, maybe most importantly, are you paying too much? 

These days you should have complete control over your delivery services. With van shipping services, you can. 

Save Money with Van Courier Services

The number of consumers ordering online is skyrocketing … but so are prices and costs. And parcel shipments are getting so. Very. Expensive. As your costs add up and your margins shrink, it can be difficult to find delivery options that qualify as “affordable.” 

Transporting your products doesn’t have to steal your profits. Van shipping services can be reasonably priced with more personal attention given to your business. 

The courier team at Service Express is a perfect example. They can manage your entire logistics needs at a better cost than their competitors. You may be surprised how much money you can save with a van shipping service.

Van Courier Services Give You a Competitive Edge

A van shipping service like Service Express is able to meet your needs and requirements even when they change. You get everything you’d get with a large parcel shipment company — and way more. 

You and your customers are able to access real-time data for accurate and reliable tracking for every—and we mean every—shipment. Service Express uses the latest technology to ensure you have access to your packages at all times.

A van shipping service worth its salt should also be able to grow with you as your business grows. Many Service Express customers started with just one of our services (such as pool distribution), then added additional services as they expanded. That flexibility gives you a potentially huge advantage over your competition.

What to Expect with Van Shipping Services

When you choose the right full-service van shipping partner, you should have access to a wide network of carriers and fully insured drivers. You should also be able to rely on their logistics team to manage your parcel shipments from start to finish. And you should be kept informed of each delivery’s progress every step of the way. 

With a dependable van shipping service, you should expect to be able to access all of the following: 

• Delivery status 

• Delivery driver tracking and arrival 

• Door-to-door shipment visibility

• Easy filtering to find specific deliveries by the time 

• EDI booking and invoicing

• PODs

The top van shipping services offer a variety of delivery vehicle options such as cars, vans, box trucks, and four-wheel-drive vehicles for any weather condition. You should also expect to be able to choose from different types of courier services, including:

• Residential deliveries

• Parcel shipments to commercial locations

• Routed or scheduled services

• Distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment (in certain areas)

Service Express Van Shipping Services 

Whether you need total logistics management, regular local courier services, or weekly truckload shipments, Service Express is equipped to handle your deliveries with the greatest care and security. 

We optimize our route planning which helps lower your costs. And when you can reduce your parcel shipment costs, you’ll watch your profits increase. 

When you let Service Express van shipping services become part of your transportation department, you can count on us to handle all the logistics, delivery, shipment status, and problem-solving.

Contact us to learn how we can help you start saving money.

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