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Increase Your Transportation’s Efficiency and Productivity

At Service Express, we aim to go above and beyond in all areas of the industry. From timely transportation to managing the logistics, you can expect substantial results from our team. We value continual growth for ourselves and our customers, so we are constantly moving forward.

When you work with us, your company will benefit from increased efficiency and productivity! Our team will use current technology, tracking programs, and scanners while protecting your freight with the latest security protection. It’s time to be part of the Service Express community with our logistics services.

Here’s What You Can Expect with Our Services

It’s time to shift the logistics accountability from yourself to Service Express. Here’s an idea of what you can expect when our team oversees your logistics management.

  • Plan and implement shipment transportation
  • Control the storage of your products
  • Handle various supply chain functions
  • Manage freight from the origin point to the destination
  • Help you expand into new markets
  • Reduce operational costs from less in-house staffing and building space

Types of Logistics Services Available

We currently offer logistics assistance with all our transportation shipments.

Last Mile Delivery


Retail Pool Distribution


Van Couriers

Service Areas and Terminals Available

We offer courier services at any of our terminals below.

The Service Express Difference

Every day you spend working with Service Express, everything is taken care of, giving you peace of mind. Our company upholds the highest standards with honesty, integrity, and morals. We value every customer relationship we develop and aim to meet and exceed your expectations.


When orders change, we have the flexibility and experience to adapt quickly to find a solution.


You should focus on other business concerns while we plan, manage, and execute your logistics and transportation services.


Don’t lose money from products that are sitting in the warehouse. We have the power to move your freight cost-effectively.


Service Express customers feel at home working with us since we’re dedicated to them and growing those relationships.

Are You Looking for Something More?

We provide our customers with the assistance they need for short-term and long-term plans. Your success is always at the forefront of our mind because when you succeed, so does Service Express!  

Contact us to start benefiting from our logistics services today.