Why Is Last-Mile Delivery So Expensive? Is it Worth It? 

Nov 8, 2022 | Final-Mile Delivery

What is a last-mile delivery service? And why is last-mile delivery so expensive? 

Last-mile delivery is the last step in the transportation management process to ensure that it reaches the final destination smoothly. When hiccups in the supply chain occur, a trustworthy last-mile delivery service goes the extra mile to overcome any obstacles.

A service like this can be more expensive than other logistic services simply because it is the final step in a complex process.  

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Anything can happen during the final stretch that could delay the delivery process. Whether it is slow traffic causing more idle time, complex delivery routes, or refueling, these things can uptick the price of the service. 

The last step of the process is most susceptible to delays and issues arising out of the service provider’s control. So, not only is it commonly more expensive, it is more likely to experience delays. Because of these, it is worth the price; it is not worth playing around with the final supply chain management step.  

Business owners across the country can agree that having a safe, secure, and reliable last-mile logistics service is worth every penny. In addition, customers expect timely and adaptable logistic services if they are paying for them.

And when you find the right third party logistics company to handle your last-mile logistics, you won’t need to worry about extreme expenses and delay times. Here’s how Service Express solves these delays without breaking the bank:

The Holiday Season Only Strains the System More

With the holiday season approaching, the chances of hiccups, delays, and cancellations are revving up quickly. As a result, people are ordering more products and needing the product delivered at faster rates. 

Factors like these can clog and delay the delicate supply management chain and process. If the most skilled in the industry is not on the case, then there is a chance deliveries won’t be made. 

How Service Express Ensures Efficient Service

At Service Express we ensure that our services overcome the common strains and delays of the transportation process. We do this by:

  • Anticipating and preparing for delays
  • Following optimized routes
  • Sharing up-to-date delivery status
  • Scheduling delivery times

If your plans are not thought out thoroughly, the potential growth of your business this holiday season may not land where you expect. Service Express thrives on helping business owners meet their customer’s needs and grow across the Mid-Atlantic region.  

A high-quality last-mile delivery service is worth every penny because it can help you meet your business goals and make a lasting impression on your customers this holiday season. 

How to Take Advantage of Service Express Last-Mile Delivery Services

The most important step a business owner can take to avoid getting lost in the holiday logistical stress is to make a thorough plan with an experienced logistics company.

Service Express has many exemplary services to help you transport your shipments this holiday season, staying one step ahead of the holiday bustle.  

The Last Mile Delivery Service for retail products is equipped to manage everything from logistics to transportation to delivery day. We utilize the most up to date technology that gives you insight into your cargo’s location. 

Service Express will be there each step of the way to ensure your holiday shipments get where they need to be before Christmas morning. Let’s take a look at how to make a secure final-mile delivery plan.

How to Make the Plan

The first step is to determine what needs to be moved and when you need it delivered. By working with Service Express, we walk alongside you through the process. From organizing inventory to narrowing down which freight service, we ensure the plan is locked and loaded well before the delivery date. Conquer the holiday season through thorough preparation and a partnership with Service Express.

How Service Express Carries Out the Final Mile Delivery

For our last-mile delivery service, we give you complete visibility during the whole shipping journey. We ensure you have access to real time tracking on all your shipments and that all shipments are delivered accurately.

We structure our entire last-mile delivery infrastructure around these two promises.

Our Real-Time Tracking Transparency 

Our tracking data gives our customers access to various resources that give them complete access to the status of their deliveries. 

The last-mile delivery service lets you follow along with the delivery status, so you always know where the package is at all times. In addition, we provide delivery drivers’ ETAs, so you can prepare for the arrival of your freight.  

Our services include driver tracking to follow your delivery as it makes its way to your destination. In addition, the door-to-door shipment visibility lets our customers know where the package is getting picked up and how it is getting to the location. 

In addition, we utilize EDI booking and invoicing software to ensure you receive the proper paperwork and information on our end. 

We also offer POD (proof of delivery) so you can be confident your product arrived at its destination. Lastly, our services allow you to filter your delivery times so it arrives when you are ready. 

To recap, our transparency data tracking gives you access to the following: 

  • Delivery status
  • Delivery driver ETA
  • Driver tracking
  • Door-to-door shipment visibility
  • EDI Booking and invoicing
  • PODs
  • Filter your deliveries by the time

Why Is Last-Mile Delivery So Expensive? It Is Worth It

It’s a fair question to ask, “Why is last-mile delivery so expensive?” But it’s important to remember that the final stretch of transportation logistics is not something to take lightly. Businesses need reliable services and ensure the delivery is made no matter the circumstances. 

And when you partner with Service Express we anticipate and overcome any potential hiccup or supply chain strain. Last-mile delivery is worth it; we work hard to meet your business needs.

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