What is a Courier Service?

Jun 16, 2022 | Courier Services

Courier services are specialized services that will help set your company apart from competitors. Couriers provide extensive, premium shipment methods by picking up and delivering shipments in the fastest possible time frame. 

If you are focusing on residential deliveries, courier companies are necessary for your business. The postal system could provide the necessary services your company needs. But, it will not be up to par with a courier’s speed, efficiency, and tracking technology. 

Further, sometimes truckload and parcel deliveries are too large for your company’s shipping requirements. Courier services provide numerous vehicle sizes: cars, vans, trucks, and 4-wheel-drive vehicles for inclement weather. 

How You’ll Save With Courier Services

There are many areas of savings by transferring some of your shipments over to couriers. Couriers can save your company money on shipments that don’t require larger transformation methods. 

Service Express offers affordable courier services and will manage your company’s transportation logistics at a competitive rate. 

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Duties and Taxes

If you currently ship with the general post office, you are probably familiar with dreaded duties and taxes. Unfortunately, the recipient is commonly responsible for these unforeseen charges upon delivery to receive their package. 

When you partner with a courier, they will offer “deliver duty paid” to eliminate delays in shipment arrivals. 


Unlike standard shipping with the postal office, couriers provide expert packaging methods removing any risk of damaged goods on arrival. Additionally, professional courier teams are on call for advice on packaging and shipping for personal and expert advice. 

Speed and Efficiency

Couriers provide efficiency and speed that are not available from other shipment methods. Many express couriers offer unique operations such as next-day delivery and more specific delivery times. These benefits largely impact your customer service, offering customers superior shipping processes. 

What are Courier Services that Service Express Offers?

Service Express’ extensive amount of courier shipping services include:

  • Residential deliveries
  • Parcel shipments to commercial locations 
  • Routed or scheduled deliveries
  • Distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment in certain areas

We offer unique solutions and many benefits when partnering with us for your courier needs. 

  • Our optimized routes lower your overall cost. 
  • Our superior tracking system provides real-time tracking.
  • We offer a diverse network of carriers.
  • All of our drivers are fully insured. 

We hope to partner with you to help you further develop your business with efficient courier work. 

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