What Does a Courier Do?

Aug 12, 2022 | Courier Services

Courier services are quicker, more efficient delivery services that offer premium services not available at the post office. We all have likely experienced the immeasurable length of time the post office can take to deliver a package. And while a courier’s claim to fame is their speed, they do so much more.

So, what does a courier do?

Schedules Delivery Dates and Times

When you ship with a courier, you will have the ability to choose on-demand shipping. This service allows you to select a specific delivery date and time for your package. Couriers can do this because they optimize and plan their routes — another benefit of courier services.

Optimizes Routes To Decrease Carbon Footprint

Unlike postal services, couriers and logistic services optimize all their routes. This practice decreases their overall carbon footprint, fuel costs, and mileage. Therefore, you can take pride in knowing your shipping partner is actively working to reduce their overall gas usage. 

And, by optimizing and efficiently planning routes, your third-party logistics partner can precisely plan when they will deliver your packages. That’s a 2 for 2. 

Offers Same-Day and Overnight Services

Unforeseen circumstances can be problematic if you are not prepared. If you partner with a courier, you won’t have to worry about that last-minute shipment you need to arrive by morning. They offer same-day and overnight deliveries when unexpected, unplanned, or unpredicted situations arise. 

Creates More Options and Fewer Restrictions

We’re all shipping something different — perishables, clothing, medical equipment — and we’re all tired of the post office’s shipping restrictions. A courier’s resources and advanced services can accommodate any shipment needs with fewer weight, size, and commodity restrictions. In addition, they provide temperature-controlled vehicles for any shipments you have that might have specific refrigeration requirements.

Offers Professional Packaging Advice

Courier services also offer packaging advice to ensure your shipments arrive in proper condition. Some loads are so unique that having a customer service team to talk to about safely packaging your product will make or break the success of your delivery. Your logistics team can guide you on adequately packaging things such as plants, perishable food, radioactive material, documents, and medical packages.

Accurately Tracks All Shipments  

No more sitting around wondering where your package is chilling out. With a courier’s real-time tracking technology, you will have constant visibility of where your package is. This tracking is door-to-door visibility. You will be able to see every minute between when your package leaves the warehouse and when it arrives at your customer’s doorstep.

In Brief, What Does a Courier Do? 

They do everything quickly, from speedy deliveries to prompt adaptability and efficiently planned routes. Courier services do speed. 

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