Types of Delivery Services a 3PL Offers

Jul 19, 2022 | 3PL

Third-party logistic companies can enhance your company by providing time and money-saving delivery services. When you partner with a full-service logistics provider, they will help you find the right services for your needs. From full truckloads to car courier services, your 3PL can help you save money on gas and truck space by finding the right-sized vehicle for your needs. 

3PL companies also offer their clients optimized routing so that every trip uses as little time, gas, and mileage as possible. Explore some of Service Express’s delivery and shipping services below to learn how partnering with them will grow your business. 

Services Offered

  • Retail pool distribution services
  • Last-mile delivery services
  • Truckload services
  • LTL services
  • Van courier services

Retail Pool Distribution Services

Pool distribution is a service that will help you save time and money. Through consolidation, retail pool distribution sorts and organizes numerous products onto various trucks depending on their destination. This service consolidates products from multiple companies that all have the same end destination onto one truck. 

This will save you money on:

  • Gas
  • Mileage
  • Truck space
  • Time

Last-Mile Delivery Services

You’re on the home run stretch, and your shipment is now within the possession of your last-mile carrier. Last-mile delivery services ensure that speed, agility, and accuracy on that last mile. During that last mile, you will have real-time tracking access to all your shipments, optimized routes, and secured vehicles. Your 3PL should immediately notify you of arrival as soon as your shipment is delivered. 

Truckload Services

Truckloads are an excellent service for massive shipments when you know you can fill the whole truck. When you ship in full truckload, you will have complete control of the freight in the truck and not have to worry about sharing space with other companies. Additionally, because this truck will be handled less than an LTL truck, there is less chance of breakage or loss of products. 

If you can fill an entire truck, this service will most likely be the most cost-effective option. But, if you can’t fill an entire truckload, you should consider using an LTL service. 

LTL Services

LTL stands for less than truckload, and these services are ideal if you are looking to ship less than half a truckload of freight. If you have a smaller shipment, you can save money using LTL instead of a full truckload. The 3PL will calculate your rate based on your shipment’s distance, dimensions, and unique accommodations. 

Van Courier Services

If your company focuses on residential deliveries, professional courier services are an ideal delivery service. They are more efficient and personable than the postal service. Courier services will provide numerous different types of courier service vehicles that aren’t full-blown trucks, offering you the best gas mileage available. From vans and cars to 4WD, courier services will get your residential deliveries to your customer’s doorstep every month of the year with the best delivery time. 

Find What You Need with Service Express

When you partner with Service Express, we will sit down with your company to discuss your transportation needs. Every company needs something specific to their needs. We want to help you find the most effective solution for you. If you are interested in partnering with us, read more about who we are as a company.