Specialized Shipping Services for Your Needs

Sep 21, 2022 | 3PL

Every business is unique, which is why specialized shipping services are essential for your company’s success. For example, the process of shipping cosmetic products versus weightlifting machines is exceptionally different. Because of this, you must partner with a 3PL that offers delivery services that are customizable to your needs — big or small.

If your shipments are large in weight, size, or dimensions, contain hazardous materials, or are temperature sensitive, you must partner with a 3PL with specialized shipping services.

3 Reasons You Need Specialized Shipping Services

Let’s take a look at three relevant and impactful reasons why prioritizing specialized shipping services is in your best interest:

1. Solutions Customized to Your Products

Shipping can be tricky when handling valuable, fragile, or oddly shaped items. Therefore, when choosing a 3PL, it is crucial that they can adjust their services to accommodate your product’s packaging and shipping needs. 

At Service Express, we offer all of our customers specialized trucks and shipping options, including refrigerated trucks and dry vans. 

2. Save Money 

When you partner with a 3PL that offers customizable services, you’ll be quickly saving money. Instead of needing to pay full price for services you only partially need, you can choose exactly what you need, paying for only what is necessary for your business.  

At Service Express, we will create specific logistic solutions for your business needs, adapting any of our services to fit your needs. 

3. Plans Change

Let’s face it, while we plan and anticipate what our week will look like, we will never fully know what will be thrown our way. And when a curveball comes, you will be better prepared to handle that kink in your plan with shipping services that are customized to your needs. 

At Service Express, we have the resources to offer you flexible and customizable solutions. Therefore, when you have an unexpectedly large order come in at the last minute, we will have the capabilities to ensure that the order is shipped and arrives on time.

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Benefits of Service Express’ Shipping Services

All our services are customized to you — from full truckload or less-than-truckload to courier home deliveries, our services provide the resources you need to deliver your specialized freight. We will manage your shipments from start to finish, organizing the entire shipment process. And beyond shipping, we will have control of your products, facilitating numerous supply chain functions within our warehouses to ensure we adequately package, ship, and deliver all of your shipments to the correct location and on time. 

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