Small Van Delivery Services: How They Improve Your Company

Jul 29, 2022 | Courier Services

While the postal service and large shipping companies can get the job done, they offer a different type of service than small van delivery services. The appeal of small van delivery services revolves around their personable touch paired with effective and timely deliveries. 

What to Expect 

Small van delivery services, a type of courier service, offer benefits to improve your company’s customer satisfaction rate.

Open Communication

Finding a courier service provider that values your and your customer’s time is essential. You and your courier service should communicate transparently in case of any last-minute changes or unforeseen circumstances. 

Rapid Deliveries

The first thing every customer wants is speed. Yes, they want their package, and in good condition, but when a customer places an order, they rarely think, “I hope this doesn’t get damaged in the mail” or “Do I actually want this item?” Instead, they are likely debating if the shipping time and cost are ultimately worth the wait to buy this product. 

That’s when the courier comes in. Courier van services offer speedy same-day, next-day, and standard delivery, all at great prices with top-notch service! 

By partnering with a quality courier service, your company can eliminate the shipping doubts their customers may have. 


Courier services should strive for accuracy in time, location, and package. Couriers are known for their organization, paying close attention to different package requirements such as necessary signatures and payments. This type of courier service employs delivery professionals.

Reliable Tracking 

Real-time tracking technology is another courier service that improves customer satisfaction drastically. Customers love having the ability to see where their package is — in the warehouse, a city over, or on your doorstep — they just want to know. 

Benefits of Service Express Small Van Delivery Services

At Service Express, we offer extensive professional courier services. With numerous delivery vehicle options available — delivery vans, box trucks, cars, and 4WD — we can meet every one of your delivery needs. In addition, all of our TSA-approved drivers optimize their routes before hitting the road to lower our costs. We serve the northeast part of the country, including Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland.  

Courier Services at Service Express

  • Residential deliveries
  • Parcel shipments to commercial locations
  • Routed or scheduled services
  • Distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment in certain areas

Reliable Real-Time Tracking Technology

We want to know where our courier fleet is at all times, you want to know the status of all your packages, and your customers want to see where their package is in relation to their home. With our real-time tracking services, we can provide reliable and accurate tracking services for every party involved, utilizing the latest technology.

Check out our website if you’re interested in learning more about our courier service and their competitive advantages.