Save Time and Money with Pool Distribution Logistics  

Sep 14, 2022 | Retail Pool Distribution

There are many benefits to consolidating cargo when shipping large amounts of freight. It’s an effective way to move cargo in a timely manner and at a lower cost, offering your company great value if you are currently using FTL or LTL truckload shipments. Here’s our guide on how to know if pool distribution logistics are right for you:

  • You ship to numerous areas in a similar geographical region
  • Your shipments are small and don’t fill a full truckload
  • You want to save time and money

Let’s look at some benefits of pool distribution.

Save Time with Fewer Stops

By investing in pool distribution services, you are saving your company extensive amounts of time. Poll distribution reduces the number of stops your driver needs to make by sending your shipment to one general “pool” area instead of individually completing each delivery at its final destination. This decreases each driver’s overall transit time because the driver’s only destination is the distribution center.

Contrarily, with pool distribution logistics, your shipments are divided at the pool area among the various local delivery trucks that will ship the freight to its destination with a shorter delivery time.

Save Money with Optimized Routes

Similarly to saving time, when your routes are optimized, you save money on gas and mileage due to decreasing the number of stops your driver needs to make and the mileage they need to drive. All in all, pool consolidation saves you money in three overall ways:

  • Less spending on gas
  • Less spending on time
  • Less mileage usage

Pool Distribution Logistics Versus LTL Shipping

Although these two forms of distribution have many similarities, they have very impactful differences. If you already invest in LTL shipping, you might want to consider switching over to pool distribution, depending on your circumstances. Let’s take a look:

These two services are very different but could be used for similar purposes. For example, if you send small shipments to various areas, you could split all these shipments up across different LTL trucks. But this option will require you to pay for a small amount of space on various trucks. 

Instead, you could choose pool distribution, paying for only one truck that goes to a centralized area for those numerous shipments. Pool shipments will save you time and money, improving your logistical experience. 

While LTL shipping offers you the ability to ship small shipments without needing to fill a full truckload, it still makes numerous stops, unlike pool distribution logistics. Therefore, pool distribution is the way to go if you are looking for optimized routes with fewer stops. 

Choose Service Express as Your Full-Service Logistics Company

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