Residential Courier Services — The Rise of eCommerce

Aug 24, 2022 | Courier Services

With the ever-expanding eCommerce market, the importance of residential courier services has only increased. Gone are the days when businesses could focus only on B2B sales with the expectation of retail companies selling their products in-store. Instead, customers now expect to be able to purchase your merchandise directly from your website. 

And this expectation is only increasing. In fact, the total global percentage of retail sales that were eCommerce increased by 6% in only two years, 15% in 2019, and 21% in 2021. While COVID-19 likely impacted this increase, there is no anticipation of it decreasing, let alone flattening. Instead, equity analysts expect the opposite, anticipating this percentage to increase to 27% by 2026, introducing the ever-increasing need for B2C delivery services. 

With more than a quarter of your potential clients projected to make purchases online in less than four years, now is the time to begin setting your business up for eCommerce success. To do that, you’ll need to find a logistics company that offers residential courier services. 

What to Look for in Your Residential Courier

When you hire a residential courier, it is essential that you partner with a personable, detail-oriented, and efficient courier. This is because they’ll potentially be interacting directly with the end customer, and you want to ensure that every encounter they have concerning your business is friendly and satisfactory. 

More than a friendly face, you want to ensure that your courier will effectively follow through on every delivery, delivering each package precisely on time and in quality condition, despite it being time sensitive or not. If package deliveries arrive late or damaged, you will risk customers not returning to your business for future purchases. 

And to further enhance the customer experience, you should partner with a 3PL that offers residential courier services with high-end tracking capabilities. That means more than just an expected delivery status. Give your customers real-time door-to-door tracking so they are always sure where their packages are. A reliable courier does more than deliver your packages; they build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Your Residential Courier Service Checklist

  • The desire to build a lasting relationship
  • Attention to detail, including product condition and delivery date
  • Real-time tracking with the latest technology

Partner with a Logistics Company that Does it All

While 27% of your potential customers will likely be shopping online by 2026, that still leaves a whopping 73% of consumers who will be looking for your products in brick-and-mortar stores. That’s why you should partner with a third-party logistics company that can provide you with both B2C and B2B shipping. 

Ship Service Express — B2C and B2B

You’ll need residential courier and truckload services to cater to both residential and business customers. At Service Express, we offer premium logistics services that will cater to every logistical need your company may need, no matter the end customer. Explore our services and contact us for more information on our residential courier services or any other service that interests you.