Local Courier Facility

Apr 6, 2022 | Courier Services

When your company’s mission is to provide reliable, honest, and quick delivery logistics services, you do anything it takes to make that happen. 

And when you’re in the national courier business, every detail and every delivery counts. That’s why Service Express goes above and beyond to provide the ultimate courier services available, including providing local courier facilities

What Is a Local Courier Facility?

We encourage our customers to tell us exactly what they need when it comes to delivering their shipments. Whether it’s large or small shipments, local or cross-country, scheduled or urgent, Service Express provides every level of service possible to ensure each delivery is safe and on time. 

Logistics customization is essential for today’s fast-moving enterprises, and that includes providing local courier facilities at certain locations around the nation. Local courier facilities provide regional hubs where our team can serve our customers more directly and more quickly than other delivery options.

Since our success stems from our ability to respond to your specific needs, we’re able to offer facilities where your shipments are 100% secure and transported as economically as possible. 

The Benefits of a Local Courier Facility

With on-demand pick-up and delivery available around the clock, Service Express is equipped to serve any size company, including some of the busiest in the country. Since we’re ready for anything, we’re also prepared to handle any of your special requests through our local courier facilities.

When it comes to routine or scheduled deliveries, our local courier facilities are designed to manage all your needs, including temporary storage and pooling. Service Express even handles temperature-controlled deliveries as needed.

Local courier facilities allow our couriers to make deliveries every day of the week. We’re also able to optimize route planning in an effort to keep your costs low. These hubs give us more flexibility and resources to provide the best service possible for our clients.

We currently have local courier facilities at locations throughout the mid-Atlantic states. For our customers, that means faster, more secure, and more economical shipments. 

Service Express Has Local Courier Facilities

As a full-service logistics provider, Service Express gives you access to a diverse network of carriers and fully insured drivers. Our highly experienced team manages and tracks your shipments from end to end, keeping you up to date on every stage of their progress. 

You can depend on Service Express’s reputation for fast and accurate deliveries, honest communication, and extra-mile service. Our team of logistical experts is ready to help you achieve your business goals. 

If you’re moving your shipments with us, then you’re moving your company forward, too. Find out today what a relationship with Service Express can do to help your business grow and be profitable. 

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