Is General Freight Trucking the Solution for Your Business?

Apr 25, 2022 | Truckload

So you need to ship truckloads of packages across the country, but the number of factors used to choose a carrier can feel staggering. Besides price, you may need to consider distance, time, type of payload, weight, economic conditions, gas prices, weather, traffic, and other variables, not to mention the sheer number of carriers to choose from. 

Heck, sometimes the mood of a salesperson, dispatcher, or driver might even play a role in the cost or timing of your shipment.

With virtually countless possibilities available for shipping goods across the country, it can be challenging to know where to start. What are your options? Which carriers can provide the services you need? How do you know which carrier is best? 

What Is General Freight Trucking Long Distance Truckload?

The vast majority of shipping trucks you see on the highway fit into this category. They’re the full-size big rigs that drive from one part of the country to another, usually across state lines. Their trailers, usually 53 feet long, are full truckloads of freight coming from a single origin headed to a single destination.

The industry for general freight long-distance trucking is strong, growing, and highly competitive. The carriers range from huge international companies such as FedEx to smaller but full-service providers like Service Express. 

Choosing a General Freight Trucking Carrier

Technology and logistics are constantly evolving, so it’s wise to choose a general freight trucking company with an experienced team of truckload shipping experts. They should be reliable, flexible, and take a personal interest in the success of your company. 

You should never have to let pinch points keep your freight sitting in a warehouse, losing money. The right general freight trucking carrier is always ready to get your shipment on the road and to its destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. One of the company’s goals is to 

Does the company offer services that complement their full truckload shipping? In addition to long-distance general freight trucking, the carrier should provide pick-up and delivery, expedited shipments, local and regional deliveries, same-day trucking, last-mile delivery, and specialized services available upon request. 

A reputable long-distance general freight trucking carrier should also be committed to safety, both on the road as well as the security of your shipments. The best carriers have terminals across the country with fail-proof security measures including surveillance, controlled access, and on-call guard services. 

Service Express Offers General Freight Trucking

Service Express offers all of the above … and more. Our full truckload shipping team knows the logistics of long-distance general freight trucking inside and out. They’re seasoned pros who know exactly what to do when encountering various hurdles. And they’re committed to solving your problems, usually before you even know about them. 

Our goal is to help our customers maximize their revenue through transportation that’s priced fairly and is always consistent and reliable. Our truckload specialists partner with you to determine shipping time, costs, and any special requests to find the best transportation solution specifically tailored for your needs.

Connect with Service Express today to discover just how personalized long-distance general freight trucking can be.

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