How White Glove Last Mile Delivery Can Benefit Your Business

Dec 20, 2022 | Final-Mile Delivery

Sometimes, it can be a challenge to brainstorm ways to improve your business. Most ideas can feel too out of the box or involve too much overhead to implement. However, Service Express offers a service that can improve your business without drastically changing your business plans. 

Meet our white glove last-mile delivery service.

White glove delivery service is when the delivery personnel places the package(s) in the facility or customer’s home exactly where the recipient needs it. The service also includes unpacking and removing any debris. A light assembly can be a part of the service, depending on the delivery. 

White glove delivery services can improve your business on multiple levels. It can enhance the customer experience, make the business’s task more manageable by unloading and assembling, and cater to multiple industries. 

Our white glove final-mile delivery services can serve the following demographics: 

  • Customers
  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors 

When a White Glove Last Mile Delivery Service Is Beneficial  

White glove describes a higher tier of service that involves extra special attention to care and service. White glove service is implemented when the chosen method of shipping or receiving requires the delivery crew to be more attentive to the condition of the cargo. Extra special care is typically needed when the shipment is a larger size, has higher value, or is more fragile than other shipments. 

Types of Items People Use for White Glove Delivery

  • Electronics (video and audio equipment, televisions, computers, etc.)
  • Commercial supplies (kiosks, vending machines, large displays, etc.) 
  • Furniture (mattresses, bed frames, dressers, etc.)
  • Industry machinery (packaging machines, industrial equipment, medical equipment, etc.)
  • Building materials (scaffolding, doors, windows, aquariums, air conditioners, etc.) 
  • Home appliances (washers, dryers, microwaves, ovens, etc.)

How White Glove Service Can Benefit Your Business

White glove last-mile delivery can improve your business’s performance in many different areas. Here are some ways white glove last-mile delivery service can benefit your business: 

  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction
  • Ensures professional care for fragile shipments
  • Increase customer trust
  • Increase your business revenue

Let’s explore the benefits of white glove last-mile delivery service. 

White Glove Services Improve Customer Satisfaction

Service Express’s white glove service can benefit your business by improving customer experience and satisfaction. When customers select the white glove service, they pick the most premium and professional service. 

As a result, they will be in contact with the most professional Service Express members and will know their shipment is being treated with exceptional care. In addition, if they are expecting any large and fragile items, they can have ease of mind knowing that the shipment is essentially precious cargo. 

When the service members deliver the shipments, they will bring the package to the designated location and set it up according to the customer’s desires. 

Experiencing a service like this improves customer satisfaction since they have the peace of mind that their shipment is handled with the most premium care. In addition, they don’t need to fret or worry about getting the large and fragile items into their location or the assembly process. 

White Glove Services Ensures Professional Care for Fragile Shipments

In addition, a white glove service can benefit your business because you (as the business owner) can have peace of mind that the shipments will be handled professionally. Our white-glove service puts extra special attention to care and service. Our execution of the service includes handling the package carefully and respecting the recipient. 

So you can focus on increasing orders and running your business. As you do that, we perform our service professionally to ensure the fragile items arrive timely and are delivered correctly. 

White Glove Services Increase Your Customer’s Trust in Your Business

Along with these two benefits, a white glove service benefits your business because it can increase your customer’s trust in your business. This is because our white glove service has exceptional customer service and minimizes delivery issues.  When products are handled with care, and customers experience professional service, they connect that with your business and think highly of it. 

Customers who experience excellent service and value it will return to your business later because of the exceptional service experience. Our service express team has a combined experience of over one hundred years, so you can have confidence in us that your customers will be satisfied. 

And there is nothing better than your customers trusting you and your business. When they trust you, they share these with their friends and family, which helps you. So, as a result, your business grows. 

White Glove Services Increase Your Business’s Revenue

One of the most exciting and compelling benefits of white glove last-mile solutions is that they can increase your business’s revenue. How? 

A white glove service typically costs the business more than standard delivery services. However, this means customers are paying an increased rate. As a result, your business can improve its revenue because the service is a premium choice. 

There are additional ways the service can increase revenue. White glove service can improve customer satisfaction, and shipments are handled professionally, increasing your customer’s trust in your business. 

All of these benefits work together to increase your business’s revenue. People come back to business when they have a great experience. And a white glove service is one of the most effective services to have a consistent return of customers.

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These benefits are just a snapshot of how a white glove final mile logistics service can improve and transform your business. To learn more about this service, reach out to us today, and we will introduce you to our logistic solutions.

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