How Many Pallets in a Truckload? Let’s Find Out

May 31, 2022 | Truckload

Any business that regularly moves high freight volumes should be well versed in determining the total quantity of pallets capable of fitting in a single full truckload. Having access to this information is crucial for ensuring that your organization’s shipping processes are as effective and efficient as possible. There are many moving parts to keep track of when attempting to come up with the correct solution to this quandary, and in this post, we’ll try to pare them down to the essential elements. 

While this task may appear daunting at first glance, it boils down to being familiar with the fleet, the freight, and the basics of optimizing loads efficiently. Outfitted with these pieces of information, you’re mere steps away from confidently calculating the perfect number of pallets to fit in your next truckload!

Make Pals of Your Pallets

Of particular importance to businesses that routinely ship oversized and weighty goods, the question of the number of shipping pallets that can fit into a full standard truckload may be foremost in your mind. One factor to consider is that shipping pallets are available in various sizes and shapes. Classified by size, the material of which they’re constructed, and other factors, knowing the dimensions and load-bearing abilities of the specific pallets your freight requires is certainly handy information to have. There are a few common types of pallets whose use spans multiple industries. Each type of pallet has specific strengths and weaknesses, and because they’re necessary to get your freight where it needs to go, you’ll want to make certain you’ve selected the best option.

Pallet dimensions matter because the trailers used to move them have a fixed amount of space within. Therefore, there’s no more wiggle room once the trailer is filled to capacity. Another factor you must consider is weight. In the United States and most of North America, truckloads are limited to 45,000 pounds, so how heavy your products are can play a major role in how many pallets a given trailer can hold.

Trying to crunch these numbers may have you on the verge of revisiting your high-school algebra lessons, but fortunately, Service Express employs seasoned professionals with the knowledge and experience to help with figuring out the maximum quantity of pallets you’ll need to fill a full truckload for your next haul.

We’ve Got a Mighty Convoy – but How Many Pallets Can it Move?

After selecting the ideal type of pallet, the next decision you’ll encounter is choosing a truck and trailer best suited to securely and safely transporting your goods.

Each type of truck will have strengths and weaknesses that need to be considered. Between varying internal dimensions and fixed weight limitations, a misstep here could have serious consequences. When figuring out how many pallets can fit in a full truckload, one factor not to be overlooked is the characteristics of the selected trailer.

The range for trailers is between 40 and 53 feet in length, but most trailers used for standard freight are right at 48 feet. A standard trailer is typically 8.5 feet wide and has a height of 13 feet. As is now evident, each decision made has the potential to add additional complexity to what seemed like a simple question. In a situation such as this, it’s helpful to be able to draw on the experience of veteran shipping pros, like the team at Service Express, with the knowledge of how to select the most appropriate options for you.

How Many Pallets Will Fit? The Results Are In!

Ready for the answer for which you’ve been waiting? A standard full truckload can usually hold between 40 to 50 pallets, though, as we’ve demonstrated, that number can fluctuate based on the dimensions and capabilities of the truck and trailer.

Service Express – The Pallet Pros

Ready to start stacking those pallets?! We’ve discussed trucks, trailers, and pallets, but the biggest takeaway from all this is to make certain you’re partnered with an experienced shipping partner like Service Express.

When it comes to full truckload freight shipping, there’s no outfit more qualified than Service Express! Contact us today to receive a personalized quote and discover all the benefits Service Express can bring to your shipping processes.