Freight Delivery Services Specialized to Your Needs

Jul 26, 2022 | 3PL

Freight delivery services are incredibly versatile. These services serve domestic and international locations, travel by land, air, and sea, and transport goods and commodities.

What is freight? Freight is a shipment over 150 pounds. That’s about the average weight of an 18-year-old male! 

There are many different freight delivery services, each targeting a different need. Explore some common types of freight shipping services to find what your company might need. 

Expedited Deliveries

Need it there quickly? Expedite it! 

Expedited shipping allows you to ship express freight at quicker rates than regular transit. Fast shipments are sometimes necessary when tragedies happen and critical equipment breaks. This type of freight delivery service drives non-stop from pick-up to delivery. It is common for expedited deliveries to have two drivers so they can take shifts. 

Local Shipments

This service is a must-have for retailers or anyone delivering to consumer doorsteps. Providing convenient local deliveries will encourage your consumer base to purchase from you more often. Convenient shipping and delivery services for consumers are a significant selling point they take into account when purchasing.

Regional Shipments

Regional shipments offer fast and cost-effective deliveries. These shipments cover zip codes within their specific region, and 85% of U.S. short-haul deliveries are regional. Partnering with a regional shipment company is beneficial when you have a consistent consumer base in that specific area. This service will help to decrease your overall freight shipping rates.

Same Day Trucking

Sometimes last-minute shipments come up that need to arrive by the end of the day. In this case, partnering with a logistics company that offers same-day trucking is vital. This service will get your freight on the move ASAP and where it needs by the end of the day. 

Dedicated Fleet Services 

Dedicated fleet services allow you to have exclusive tractors, trailers, drivers, and other resources for your company specifically. 

This service will provide you with every resource you need whenever you need it. While having all these resources on your own would be super pricey, partnering with a full-service logistics company makes it affordable and worthwhile. Your trucks will be ready to serve you, yet you won’t be investing your time in managing them.

OTR Shipments

Over-the-road shipments specifically entail trucks or tractor-trailer transportation. Unlike other forms of transportation, OTR transportation only uses one transportation mode without rail or ocean modes in conjunction.

This service enables logistic companies to dispatch a shipment whenever they choose. Also, because freight remains on one mode of transportation, the temperature stays constant across the load. This can also be a very secure mode of transportation, allowing customers to send escort trucks with their shipments. 

Service Express Delivers Freight 

We are truckload specialists at Service Express, and we aim to get you the largest revenue possible with fair-priced transportation. Our truckload specialists will sit down with you to help you identify your needs, time frame, and unique wants. We’re excited to help you find a transportation solution!

We offer all the truckload services included in this blog for your freight delivery needs.