Effects on Distributor Storage with Last-Mile Delivery

Nov 15, 2022 | Final-Mile Delivery

As peak season comes to an end, it is crucial to ensure your business has a solid plan of action regarding its shipping logistics moving into the new year. You need high-quality distributor storage with last-mile delivery to ensure your business booms this year. 

Being adequately prepared for 2023 in advance will enable your business to thrive throughout the whole year.

There are several ways to prepare your business’s distribution plan, including: 

  • Manufacturer storage with direct shipping 
  • Manufacturer storage with direct shipping and in-transit merge 
  • Distributor storage with carrier delivery 
  • Distributor storage with last-mile delivery
  • Manufacturer/distributor storage with customer pickup 
  • Retail storage with customer pickup 

Out of these options, distributor storage with last-mile delivery is the option that will help you succeed in the new year.

Before diving into the specifics of distributor storage with last-mile delivery, it is helpful to understand what influences your distribution network. 

Keep Customer Service at the Front of Your Mind

When you think about customers, they are looking for businesses to meet their needs by offering product variety, product availability, and an effortless customer experience. 

Your business needs to offer multiple products and variations with an up-to-date availability indicator and seamless ordering process. In addition, customers want to stay up to date once they place an order. To help with customer satisfaction, it is ideal that your business can offer the following: 

  • Order visibility from order placement to delivery
  • Returnability

Customers appreciate having up-to-date order visibility, so they can be confident they can order what they need. 

In addition, having an easy return process and making it clear to the customer can give them peace of mind when making the purchase. Customers are more likely to purchase the merchandise when they know returning it will not be a hassle. 

So, how can your business prepare for your customers’ needs in the new year? 

Introducing Distributor Storage with Last-Mile Delivery

A last-mile delivery distributor delivers products to a customer’s home instead of using a packaging carrier. 

So, instead of having another company finish the shipment, a last-mile delivery service like Service Express will get your customer’s order to its final destination. Service Express will coordinate with your business to get your merchandise delivered to our facilities in a way that works for you. 

Once your merchandise reaches the distribution center, they are responsible for providing information about supply to customers, collecting orders, sharing collection information with the manufacturer, and organizing the final-mile deliveries. 

Why Distributor Storage with Last-Mile Delivery Is Perfect for Your 2023 Plan

Distributor storage with last-mile delivery is the most efficient logistic service because when businesses experience high customer densities, higher rates of demand, and demand for quick delivery times, distributors need to be prepared to handle demand effectively.Customers want to receive their online orders quickly and to have time to make returns if needed.

How it Works

A distribution system like this needs the following components to meet customer demand.

  • More distributor locations 
  • Higher levels of inventories
  • Quick response time
  • Returnability

When using a last-mile delivery service, businesses must have their merchandise in many warehouses. Doing so makes the merchandise closer to customers, which makes for quick delivery times. 

In addition, your business needs to provide higher inventory levels to satisfy your customers. A distribution service can provide a quick pick, pack, and delivery response time, satisfying every customer.

Most importantly, it is crucial to have ease of return, so customers can replace items that still need to meet their needs. When easy returns policies are clear upfront, customers will be more comfortable ordering because they know they can return or swap after the fact. 

A Recap of Distributor Storage w/ Final Mile Delivery

  • Quick response times
  • Product variety 
  • Product availability
  • Great customer experience 
  • Order visibility 
  • Returnability

So, now that you know what service is vital for your 2023 plan, how do you select the right provider? 

Service Express’s Last-Mile Delivery Service

Service Express is your one-stop shop for transportation needs. Our last-mile delivery service team has 100+ years of combined experience. With our last-mile service, we provide the following: 

  • Delivery status
  • Delivery driver ETA
  • Driver tracking 
  • Door-to-door shipment visibility 
  • Scheduling deliveries 

Your customers want an easy and stress-free experience from ordering products to delivery. Our services guarantee meeting your needs. 

Service Express can meet your business’s needs, easing final mile logistic anxiety since we remove your business’s need to focus its energy on it.

We can deliver to most areas including both suburban and urban areas.  In addition, our logistics company can help minimize final mile-delivery costs. Our goal is to reduce the total cost for your business while also helping you exceed your customer’s expectations.

With many locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, we deliver orders promptly while giving up-to-date delivery information.

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