Dry Van Truckload Carrier

Apr 5, 2022 | Truckload

Whether you’re transporting microwave ovens, boots, or teddy bears, dry van truckload carriers are the most common type of delivery method to handle your shipments. 

But to take advantage of all the benefits of dry vans, it’s helpful to understand what they are, what they’re capable of, and why you should use them. 

What Is a Dry Van Truckload Carrier?

Most of the freight trucks you see on the highway are dry vans. A dry van is a fully-enclosed semi-trailer that’s able to carry pallets (up to 26 on a standard 53-foot trailer), stacked boxes, or other loose freight. 

These trucks are called “dry” because they aren’t temperature controlled and typically don’t carry perishable goods. Even if a truck is carrying canned peaches or pallets of bottled water, it would still be considered dry because it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. 

Dry van truckloads protect shipments from the weather and keep packages secure. While the sizes of these trucks and trailers can vary, the transportation industry has standardized the basic dimensions of dry van truckloads so that any manufacturer, distributor, or customer can manage shipments efficiently. 

How to Select a Dry Van Truckload Carrier

When you choose which carrier to use for your dry van shipments, you should keep in mind at least three important factors: 

Are they secure?

Keeping your shipments safe should be any carrier’s number-one priority. Dry vans provide the ability to enclose and lock up your shipments during the entirety of their journey. 

In addition to having a lock on the door, any dry van truckload carrier you partner with should also have a foolproof system in place to track and monitor every shipment. At any given moment, dispatch should be able to locate your shipment using GPS technology and other management software. They should also be able to demonstrate the qualifications and security of their staff, from the driver to the dispatcher and everyone in between. 

Are they flexible?

Since dry van truckloads can accommodate such a wide variety of goods, they provide the most flexibility for deliveries across the state or across the country. If you need to fill an entire truck or any fraction of it, you need a carrier with the ability to configure any load. 

When you consider which dry van truckload carrier is right for you, make sure that they’re able to adapt to your changing needs or special requests. 

Are they cost effective?

The work it takes to load and unload a dry van is generally straightforward. But managing their routes, schedules, personnel, and other details can be very complex. 

The best dry van truckload carriers have a fully digital system in place to help monitor and configure every truckload as efficiently as possible. They’ll also have an experienced team that can solve problems as they arise, making sure to keep every shipment accurate and on time. 

These carriers go the extra mile to provide the most cost-effective means for transporting any shipment because it benefits both their customers and themselves. Always ask your dry van truckload carrier which measures and systems they have in place to provide you with the best price possible. 

Why Use Service Express as Your Dry Van Truckload Carrier

Service Express is 100% committed to all three of those key factors. We pride ourselves on our security, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness because they define our dedication to our customers. 

No matter what you need to ship in a dry van, Service Express can get it wherever it needs to go, any time, for a price you can feel good about. Use our contact page to get a quote for your next delivery. 

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