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Mar 22, 2022 | Courier Services

To the average person, courier services may seem simple. You schedule a delivery, a driver picks up your parcel, and they drive the package to its destination. 

And that’s the way it should be. But courier services can be far more complex than one might think. What if your package needs special handling? What if you need your pick-up or delivery to happen at a specific time? What if your shipment needs to end up at two or more locations? What happens if a package needs to go beyond a courier’s regular route? What if the driver gets lost or gets in an accident? What if no one is available to sign for my delivery? And on and on. 

For customers, delivery service should be easy … when you partner with the right company. Service Express is the courier specialist that handles all the potential complications so you can focus on growing your business. 

What Does a Courier Specialist Do?

Service Express is a full-service logistics company with a network of carriers for any kind of delivery. They not only pick up and deliver your packages, but they manage all the details from start to finish. 

Courier specialists are flexible enough to handle all kinds of requests — even last-minute changes. The best courier specialists manage the movement of every parcel and are able to keep their customers informed of the exact location of their shipment at any given moment. 

Many people are surprised at how much more affordable courier services can be, especially for local and regional deliveries. One of the main reasons they’re more affordable is because they absorb all the costs associated with deliveries such as driver wages and benefits, fuel and tolls, insurance, training, uniforms, and so much more. 

Service Express has earned a lasting reputation for on-time, accurate deliveries with transparent communication throughout the entire courier process. Using the latest technologies and real-time GPS tracking, our couriers are equipped to ensure your important packages go exactly where they’re supposed to go. 

The Benefits of Using a Courier Specialist

While most companies — including your competitors — default to using large delivery companies like FedEx and UPS, they’re missing out on benefits that only courier specialists can provide:

Saving money. Large delivery companies can get very expensive. And the costs of paying your own team to make deliveries add up fast. But when you rely on a courier specialist, you can actually save money through lower delivery fees and avoiding the expenses associated with doing it on your own. 

Logistics management. You could spend hours getting quotes and coordinating all the details of each delivery. Or you can make one quick call to Service Express, which will handle all the organization, insurance, administration, storage, and other logistical aspects of your deliveries.

Flexibility. Courier specialists like Service Express are able to make adjustments on the go to make sure your packages arrive safely and on time. Need a different pick-up time or a faster delivery? A courier specialist will say, “No problem.” 

A competitive edge. Your company maintains an advantage over your competitors when you rely on a consistent, professional, flexible, and reliable courier specialist to manage your deliveries. 

Peace of mind. Why worry? When you trust a courier specialist to manage your shipments, it frees you up to focus on what you do best. 

Service Express Is Your Courier Specialist

Service Express provides a full range of courier services, including: 

• Anytime deliveries (daily, weekly, routed, scheduled, and special requests) 

• Optimized route planning to help lower your costs

• Last-mile delivery

• Residential deliveries

• Parcel shipments to commercial locations

• Distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment (in certain areas)

And as your business grows, Service Express is able to grow with you. From courier services to pool distribution and truckload freight, we can meet all your shipping needs with distinct advantages as you expand.

Save time and increase your profits with courier specialists. When you let Service Express become your transportation department, our team will manage the logistics, delivery, shipment status, and overcome any surprises as they happen.

Contact us today to find out how much money you can save with Service Express courier specialists. 

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