Choosing the Right Van Truckload OTR Service

Apr 27, 2022 | Truckload

You likely see them every day. Big rigs hauling full truckloads of goods down virtually every highway in the country. From the forested hills in the east to the rugged mountains in the west and everywhere in between, there are always 18 wheels spinning toward somewhere. 

What exactly are van truckload services? What benefits can they provide companies that ship freight across state lines? And how do you choose which carrier is the best match for your business needs? 

What Are Van Truckload OTR Services?

If you have large shipments that can fill a whole trailer and needs to be sent long distances, you’re most likely going to use van truckload OTR (over-the-road) services. Your freight will travel by itself (without other freight combined with yours), and the truck will carry your shipment from its origin to its final destination. 

Companies may use this type of shipping service for several reasons: 

• If there’s enough freight or weight to fill at least one entire 48’ or 53’ trailer

• If the shipment needs to be delivered within a specific timeframe

• If the company wants to ship its freight as cost-effectively as possible

When you use van truckload OTR services, you can take advantage of several practical benefits. 

Cost savings. Being able to fill up an entire truckload costs less than filling a partial truck (known as LTL, or less than truckload). The higher volume of freight, the less you’ll pay per parcel.  

Time savings. Usually, a full truckload arrives faster than partial (LTL) shipments because the driver doesn’t need to stop as often. 

• Safety and security. Since there’s only one company’s freight on the truck, your packages are handled less frequently, so there’s a smaller chance of any theft or damage to your goods. 

The Top Qualities of Van Truckload OTR Services

When hiring a carrier for van truckload OTR services, there are a few key qualities that set the best carriers apart from the rest. 

Expertise. The transportation industry is constantly evolving, so you’ll want to work with a team of experienced professionals who are equipped to handle the various challenges and obstacles that come with shipping freight across the country. 

Reliability. How committed is your carrier to ensure the timely and safe delivery of your shipments? Any carrier worth using should make it clear that they care about your freight as well as the success of your company. 

Flexibility. Schedules change. Surprises happen. Your van truckload OTR services should have the ability to provide flexibility in pick-up and delivery times and a workable timetable that fits your needs. 

Cost efficiency. The best carriers aren’t necessarily the most expensive. Your carrier should have a streamlined logistics process in place that allows them to pass savings on to their customers. 

The ability to grow with you. As your business gets busier and expands to larger territories, your carrier should be ready to grow with you. From local courier services to cross-country full truckloads, choose a carrier that can handle your company’s changing needs. 

Technology advancements. A lot of improvements have happened in the shipping industry in recent years, especially with technology. The best van truckload OTR carriers take advantage of the latest software and hardware — including trackers, scanners, and security systems — to ensure the most efficient and productive logistics possible.

Problem solvers. You never know when weather, traffic, truck capacity, or supply chain disruptions can throw a wrench in even the best-laid plans. Whenever possible, have your carrier provide examples of how they solve profit-killing pinch points. 

Safety commitment. Perhaps at the top of every freight carrier’s priority list should be the safety and security of your shipments, the drivers, the equipment, and anyone else involved in the transportation process. What safety and security measures do your carrier have in place? 

Van Truckload OTR with Service Express

You can get your freight on the road with the expertise and dedication of the van truckload OTR specialists at Service Express. Our goal is to help companies squeeze the most profit from their products through efficient, cost-effective transportation. We’ll customize your solutions to match your needs, whether it’s unique packages, specific shipping times, or special requests you might have.

Let Service Express become an integral part of your logistics team. We can manage all your full truckload OTR needs from A to Z. Contact us to see if we can be a great fit for your shipping needs. 

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