Choosing a Reliable Courier Service with Tracking

Aug 31, 2022 | Courier Services

Finding a reliable courier service for your business will enable you to exceed your client’s expectations for shipment and delivery. Every customer wants fast delivery and good service. They want their packages to arrive in high-quality condition, at the right location, and as soon as possible. 

More than that, they want to know where their packages are as soon as they become their packages. The ability to shop online has undoubtedly changed the scope of shopping. Someone can purchase something and still not have the item. 

ECommerce has enabled us to own things we’ve never seen, even post-transaction. And that’s why partnering with a reliable courier service with tracking capabilities is vital in building your business’ customer satisfaction and trust.

How to Choose a Reliable Courier

Unsure what you’re looking for in a reliable courier service? Here are our recommendations: 


It’s essential that you always know where your packages are, and that’s why tracking is at the top of our list. There are many moving parts in a business, so you’ll need regular updates with a single search on any shipment to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Service Express Offers More: Real-Time Tracking

While we do send you regular delivery statuses, at Service Express, we do more than that. We give you real-time visibility of all your shipments. You’ll be able to filter deliveries quickly to find their shipment status and see exactly where they are down to the minute. In addition, you’ll have door-to-door tracking capabilities from the loading dock to the delivery location by partnering with Service Express. 

Proof of Delivery (POD)

When choosing a courier, you must partner with one that will send you a POD for every delivery. PODs ensure accuracy and help you to keep adequate records of all shipments. 

Service Express Offers More: EDI Booking and Invoicing

At Service Express, not only do we send you a POD after every delivery, but we also provide you with EDI booking and invoicing to ensure accurate and detailed records. 

Weight and Size Limitations

Depending on what you are planning to ship, weight and size limitations could impact your ability to ship large items — a king-sized bed, for instance. So when choosing your courier delivery service, it is vital that you are aware of any regulations they may have in place. 

Service Express Offers More: No Shipment Limitations

Whatever you need to be shipped, we can ship it with our courier cars, vans, box trucks, and 4WD vehicles. Partner with us to transport large freight.

Building Customer Relationships with Reliable Courier Services with Tracking

How many times can we say tracking? Tracking services are an influential part of building a solid reputation with your customers. When they place an order — whether B2B or B2C — your customer wants to immediately know where their products are — 100 or 1,000 miles away?

Further, providing them with an accurate estimated delivery date is essential. To build the customer relationships you want, you need to build trust through the first encounter you have with them — their first transaction. You must ensure that your courier service will deliver your package on the date promised at check out. 

The most critical part of growing a business is building customer relationships because to have a business, you need customers. And that’s why we cannot over-stress the word reliable

Finding a reliable courier service with tracking is what ultimately solidifies customer relationships. 

What Is a Reliable Courier Service?

A reliable courier knows how to outperform customer expectations. For your business to accomplish this, you must partner with a reliable courier service with tracking that is going to ensure:

  • Your packages arrive precisely on time
  • Your packages arrive in perfect condition
  • You provide your customers with real-time tracking

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