A Step by Step Guide to Distribution Logistics Warehouses  

Nov 1, 2022 | Logistics

What happens when you let Service Express handle your distribution logistics warehouse needs? You get a holistic approach to managing and maintaining your cargo from when they enter our warehouses to when it reaches its destination.

Using a premium logistics service like Service Express will give you peace of mind because our team has 100+ years of combined service. 

Let’s ensure your business will be in the right hands by walking through the steps of distribution logistics warehouses from beginning to end.

Let’s Start With Warehousing

When your business’s cargo reaches the warehouse, it immediately enters our sorting and categorizing process. Our system ensures that it is ready to be packed and shipped as soon as orders begin processing. 

Step 1: Storage

Before an order is placed, Service Express will store all your inventory in an organized way. Once an order is placed, our staff will pick up and pack the items so they are ready to ship. Our goal is to give you the ease of mind that your inventory will remain intact and ready to go. 

Step 2: Inventory Management & Stock Control 

While your inventory is in our warehouse, we manage your inventory to give a clear idea of what you have in stock. As items are ordered and shipped, we keep track of each item and update throughout the entire process. Our system keeps you in the loop for built-in transparency. 

Step 3: Picking

Once our system notifies us that an order is in, we set out to start picking the items. Because our warehouse is organized in great detail, the order can be picked up quickly. As soon as this step is completed, the order is ready to be packed. 

Step 4: Packing 

We also pack the order for you and set it up for distribution. However, we can also pack and move large cargo, not just orders for retail purchases. If you need to move B2B cargo, we can also pick and pack this for your business. 

Step 5: Transportation 

Once things are ready to ship, we handle the transportation through various services.

  • Retail pool distribution
  • Truckload
  • Less than truckload
  • Van courier services 

Throughout each of these transportation services, we provide you with up to date tracking and transparency, so you always know where your cargo is going.

Deciding which service is best for your needs is something we can help you with.  Service Express wants to ensure there are no blindspots and uncertainties, so we encourage you to reach out to learn more. 

Step 6: Delivery

The last step in the distribution logistics warehouse process is the delivery day when we make it our goal to have your shipments reach their destination promptly. Again, our certified employees will handle your shipments with care and ensure they arrive where they need to be. 

Now that we know the step by step process we take your cargo through, let’s break down the different services that you choose to transport your inventory. 

Service Express’s Retail Pool Distribution Service

If you choose retail pool distribution, this alternative lowers costs. Pool distribution lets you ship all your freight destined to a specific region and assemble it at a pool point. 

We then separate the cargo into short-haul local delivery trucks to get shipments to their destination. So, rather than shipping things individually, the retail pool distribution allows you to move more cargo at once. 

Retail pool distribution is an ideal option for many industries, including: 

  • Packaging materials
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Automotive
  • Food and beverage
  • Retail

Service Express’s Full Truckload Shipping Service

Another transportation option we offer is FTL shipping. This service is run and managed by seasoned individuals who will make sure your cargo gets to its final destination. Our service works fast and efficiently, even when hurdles get in the way. 

Our team works quickly, avoiding pinch points, so your cargo will move to where it needs to go, when it needs to be there. We’ll work with you to determine the needs, shipment times, and requests to ensure we deliver how you want.

Service Express’s Less-than-Truckload Service

If your cargo needs to move at the last minute or there is extra urgency placed on an order, our Less-than-Truckload (LTL) service is a secure option. LTL functions to bring you a low-priced service that will deliver faster. 

Like all of our services, our LTL provides TSA-certified drivers to move your shipments through secure terminals. In addition, we have complete supply chain management so you have flexible inbound and outbound schedules. 

In addition, our services have shipment liability, and we manage the origin, destinations, freight classes, and weight break ratings. As questions arise, we are ready to answer your questions and give you peace of mind.  

Service Express’s Courier Services

If your cargo is a part of a parcel shipment, our courier service is another option. We know that the prices of these types of shipments can quickly add up. Therefore, we design our services to meet your needs and maintain your profits. 

Our van services give you access to a broad and diverse range of carriers and fully insured drivers. In addition, we manage your shipments from start to finish to ensure your shipments reach their final destination. 

We offer a wide range of motorized courier services, including: 

  • Residential deliveries
  • Parcel shipments to commercial locations
  • Routed or scheduled services
  • Distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment in certain areas 

We also offer different delivery vehicles, including: 

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Box-trucks 
  • Four-wheel drive vehicles 

Recap: How Does Service Express Handle Distribution Logistics Warehouses? 

  • Step 1: Storage
  • Step 2: Inventory Management & Stock Control 
  • Step 3: Picking
  • Step 4: Packing
  • Step 5: Transportation
  • Step 6: Delivery 

These steps are the standard process all cargo goes through; however, if hiccups arise or something shakes up the supply chain, Service Express is home to seasoned professionals who understand how to resolve issues quickly and thoroughly. 

The stress of running a business and managing the shipment process can be over if you delegate to a distribution logistics warehouse. Their goal is to give reliable service that equips customers for success. 

At Service Express, we aim to give you high-quality service and security protection. So as your cargo moves through each of the above steps, you can know that your freight is safe. 

In addition, we are committed to bringing the highest levels of integrity, ethics, and truthfulness in all aspects of our services. We want to meet your needs and help your business grow! 

Our goal is to help you meet your warehousing and distribution needs. If you want to learn more about our added services, reach out to us today.