5 Last-Mile Delivery Best Practices in the New Year

Nov 22, 2022 | Final-Mile Delivery

With the year coming to an end, ensuring your business has an optimized logistics service plan for the coming year is crucial. Understanding last-mile delivery best practices will help you navigate the ever-changing logistics landscape. 

Your business can face challenges like customer demands, driver shortages, and adverse economic conditions. So, if you are seeking to conquer the new year, it is best to be prepared and equipped to handle any chaos that might arise. Contact Service Express today and get started.

There are several tips and tricks to determine which last-mile delivery service is the best option. However, it can take time to decide which tips are the most effective. At Service Express, we want to help your business find the best service possible.  

We are sharing what we believe are the five best practices for last-mile delivery service. 

  1. Having a thorough plan
  2. Utilizing latest technology
  3. Emphasizing optimal delivery times
  4. Optimizing routes
  5. Anticipating the unexpected 

We at Service Express believe each of these practices provides the best last-mile delivery experience. Let’s break down each of these to help you make sure you have the best last-mile delivery service plan for 2023. 

#1 Develop a Thorough Plan

Last-mile delivery plans can make or break your company’s success. The field is constantly changing and evolving as technology advances and new ideas emerge. A high-quality delivery service will go beyond delivering goods reliably.

A logistics service can also contribute to your company’s competitive differentiation and create revenue for their organizations. In addition, a solid plan can help your business exceed delivery expectations.

Developing a last-mile delivery strategy plan will help your business outperform your competitors. A plan assesses the external environment and asks how delivery can enhance the product’s value. A plan will help predict possible hurdles and problems that could occur. A plan can also determine which strategy will be the best for the new year.

In addition, it analyzes the supply chains to ensure deliveries can meet customer expectations and create a quality customer experience.

In essence, a thorough plan will prepare you for anything that comes up in the distribution system. At Service Express, we work with you to plan your last-mile logistic needs. As we develop the plan, we ensure to meet each need and help your company succeed. 

#2 Utilizing the Latest Technology

To ensure that deliveries are made efficiently, it is essential to ensure your logistic service uses the latest shipping technology. At Service Express, we equip our last-mile services with the most advanced software and hardware available.  

Our services use the following updated technology:

  • Delivery tracking
  • Driver tracking 
  • Accurate ETAs 
  • Door-to-door shipment visibility

Each of these tools helps us deliver quickly and reliably for your business. We use these updated systems to adapt to the changing distribution field and meet your needs simultaneously. In addition, we utilize these systems to help you save money and put your valuable time back into your business. 

#3 Emphasizing Optimal Delivery Times

Something that can help make sure last-mile services are efficient is ensuring your customers are aware of optimal delivery times. When they know the best delivery times, they can schedule and set them up within the designated time frame. 

Using optimal delivery times will help the deliveries be made at the right time and meet your customer’s and your needs. In addition, it can help those receiving the packages prepare for their delivery window and know they will arrive at the scheduled time. 

#4 Optimized Route Planning

Another best practice for last-mile delivery services is ensuring drivers use the most optimized delivery route. An optimized route will plan for traffic delays, road closures, and potential hiccups.  

An optimized route will be driven by experienced drivers that know how to stay to the plan. As a result, customers can have fast deliveries. So if you use a company like Service Express to optimize your 2023 logistics plan, you can be confident that the extra delays or roadblocks will be handled quickly and efficiently. 

#5 Expect the Unexpected

More people are ordering items, which means shipping and distribution experience strains like no other. Therefore, a great best practice for the last mile is preparing for the unexpected. 

When you are already expecting something crazy or bizarre to land in your lap, you can conquer once it finally does. In addition, things like the weather and traffic delays can quickly stop an optimized plan or delivery route, which is why being prepared for the unexpected is a great last mile delivery best practice. 

It is a great practice to have contingency plans ready to go and be able to be put into action quickly. Contingency plans can set you apart from your competitors and create a reliable and loyal customer base. In addition, being prepared for the unexpected can help you meet consumer expectations in ways your competitors cannot.

Service Express’s Last-Mile Delivery Best Practices

At Service Express, we want to see your business succeed in the coming year. The five last-mile delivery best practices can be used as a guide in choosing the proper logistics service for you.  

We believe if your company looks for a logistics service with these practices, your customer satisfaction will increase and you can elevate the delivery experience.

Looking forward to 2023, your business must be prepared to meet the demands of a strenuous time. We want to help you succeed this year. Service Express can help you reach your goals; so don’t hesitate to contact us today and receive a free quote.